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The Kingsmere Process

Kingsmere can work on specific projects or on an ongoing basis. Not every business needs the input of an experienced Finance Director.

Therefore, as a first step we would carry out a Financial health check to see if we can help by going through the following key stages:

The initial stage of the review involves coming into your business over an agreed period of time. Then carrying out an assessment of all financial aspects of the business, speaking to key members of the team, reviewing relevant records and where necessary, seeking additional information.

Following the business review, we go on to identify and prioritise any areas of concern, including:

  • Revenue
  • Trading Performance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Structure of Financing
  • Investment and Growth
  • Accounts
  • Department performance
  • Working Capital Management
  • Stocks/ Work in Progress
  • Debtors (and disbursements if relevant)
  • Creditors
  • Control of overheadsĀ 
  • Quality and relevance of financial and management reports
  • Other business or industry-specific concerns

Having identified whether and in which areas a Finance Director's input can add value to a business, ongoing support can be delivered over a fixed number of days per month, or on a periodic or individual project review basis.

In addition, urgent support can be provided in rapid response to tax and other regulatory or compliance difficulties.

Having carried out this process with many different businesses, examples of the results delivered can be found in our Case Studies.

Geoff is very good at listening, observing and is upfront and forthright. Kingsmere Finance Directors are very good at steadying the ship which is vital for any business!

Rob Cairns, Fund A Fest CIC

Helping busy business owners and managers understand finance.

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