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Helping businesses to grow by improving financial stability, efficiency and profitability, leaving management to focus on running and developing the business.

Kingsmere Finance Part Time & Interim Finance Directors


A structured approach to your company growth.

Geoff Maclauchlan Part Time Finance Director at Kingsmere


Kingsmere keeps the financial side of your business in order.

Newcastle Interim & Part Time Finance Director

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Kingsmere can work on specific projects or on an ongoing basis.

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Geoff Maclauchlan
Geoff Maclauchlan

Director Support

Providing part time Finance Director services.

Helping busy business owners and managers understand finance, easing the burden with tax authorities, banks, lenders and investors.

Demystifying the figures and enabling you to focus on the smooth running of your business.

Having affordable and flexible access to technical expertise and industry experience as an alternative to recruiting a full time Finance Director.

I would highly recommend Kingsmere Finance Directors. Geoff is calm, methodical and keeps an eye on our expenditure to plan ahead for tax. I now know where I am at during the year rather than relying upon my accountant months after year end.

Jacqueline Emmerson, Emmersons Solicitors

Geoff is very good at listening, observing and is upfront and forthright. Kingsmere Finance Directors are very good at steadying the ship which is vital for any business!

Rob Cairns, Fund A Fest CIC

Geoff is trustworthy, experienced and has not only supported my needs but my clients too which has helped my business. Geoff’s financial review and budgeting expertise is instrumental - I would highly recommend Kingsmere Finance Directors.

John Carling, Solutions Northern

Helping busy business owners and managers understand finance.

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